Dumaw Creek Goldens & Bernedoodles

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Guardian Home

Explanation of a guardian home:

Occasionally we will keep a puppy back (or sometimes a young adult) from one of our litters to keep as a prospect for our breeding program. We will place these puppies or young adults in homes with a family for free. We will retain the breeding rights and your family will receive a quality pet.  We want to give our dogs the best homes possible as they are a breed that thrives being raised in a home as part of the family. In order for us to provide that we need to limit how many dogs we keep in our home. As we strive to always better our program and the breed we occasionally need to add to our breeding program by getting outside pedigrees or keeping a puppy back from our program. 

We give the puppy to the guardian home to raise, love, and be part of their family. 


  • Must live within 90 miles to our home in Pentwater, MI 
  • Must be flexible when we need access to the dog for breeding
  • Must feed a quality premium dog food (prefer Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy) 
  • Agree to not breed the dog 
  • Provide monthly flea/heart-worm prevention 
  • A fenced in yard
  • Willing to crate & house train puppy 
  • Must have previously owned a golden retriever 
  • Provide annual routine vaccinations (must provide all puppy vaccinations) 
  • Be available to drive to and from our home for breeding & whelping 
  • Provide updated pictures of dogs progress via email
  • We prefer a home that a family member works from home or part time (the puppy/dog will not remain kenneled for hours while family is at work & school)
  • Obedience training (whether online or in person) 

Guardian Homes Are Responsible For:

  • Breeder approved monthly preventatives for flea/tick & heart-worm prevention (Prefer Interceptor plus)
  • Providing High quality food (Prefer Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy)
  • Annual Vaccinations (once puppy shots are completed)
  • Transporting to and from breeders home for breeding 
  • We do prefer that the female & males visit here occasionally prior to whelping/breeding so they are accustom to and comfortable with our home while visiting. 

Guardian Homes for Females

When we have a female we are placing in a guardian home she will go to live with her family at 8 weeks of age(or older if placing a young adult) We will pay for all health testing to be done at 24 months. Family agrees to allow 3 litters in which she will stay at our home for approximately 8-10 weeks for whelping and weaning at our home. After she is done breeding we pay to spay her and she's yours forever. 

Guardian Homes for Males

When we have a male dog to place we need to have access to the boy whenever he is needed for a breeding. Males are only needed for a few hours-a few days at a time depending on your location from us. We will pay to neuter the male when we are ready for the male to be retired. This will be up to a 7 year agreement.