Dumaw Creek Goldens & Bernedoodles

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Our Policies, Pricing & Whats Included 

Our Policies

-Our puppies are not ready to leave for their new homes until they are 8 weeks of age.  A puppy learns several things by remaining with mom and siblings that it simply cannot learn when it’s taken away too soon.

-We do not allow visitors to our home while puppies are under the age of 8 weeks.. Picks of the litter will be made at the age of 8 weeks at which time we will allow visitors.  Picks of the litter are made in the order we receive deposits. Puppies will be ready for pickup same day as they are picked out. In the event that a family cannot schedule pick-out/pickup when puppies are 8 weeks we will assist you in choosing the right puppy for your family from pictures, videos, & temperament testing as to not hold up families picking next. 

-We will place a puppy (or pick of litter) on hold for a maximum of 48 hours without a deposit in order to schedule a meeting at our home. (Once puppies are 8 weeks old).  We will hold a puppy (or pick of the litter) for 72 hours pending arrival of deposit.

-We do allow visitors once puppies are 8 weeks old, I do ask that you respect our time when calling and visiting our home. I try to be available for families with as short of notice as possible but sometimes I am not able to make it work and ask to at least have a day in advance to schedule a visit. Please no calls after 8:00 PM and not before 9:00 AM Eastern Time.. We also ask that you are on time when scheduling a visit as often we will have other families scheduled after you. In the event you are not able to make it to a scheduled visit please let us know ASAP. 

-We ask that families schedule pickup at 8 weeks of age. If puppies are not able to be picked up by 8 weeks of age or the following weekend,  a $10.00/day boarding fee will be charged to cover their cost of care and food. If any additional vaccinations and preventative care are due during their stay the owner will be responsible for additional costs.  We will not hold puppies after 10 weeks of age, puppies socialization/bonding/training period is huge during 7-12 weeks of age and they need to be in their forever home to learn. 

-Check/Money Order is accepted for deposit only. CASH IS REQUIRED at pickup. If puppy is being shipped payment is due in full 10 days prior to shipping to allow time for payment to clear. 

-We Prefer to meet all families at our home for pickup of our puppies, I understand this is not always possible and we do offer shipping at an additional cost of $500.00. Puppy will fly with a flight nanny as a carry on so will not have to be left alone in cargo. We do offer the option to meet families at Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, MI if they would like to fly in and personally pick up their puppies to go home. 

-Please be sure your home and family are ready for a new puppy it is a huge commitment. 

**Golden Retrievers are an active breed and do not finish maturing until around the age of 24-36 months. They do best in a home that has enough space for them to grow & play. I do not recommend this breed for apartment/condo living. 

**Bernedoodles are a breed that requires daily grooming & trips to the groomer. Please be sure you are financially prepared as well as available to get your dog into the groomers. 


Golden Retrievers- 

AKC Limited Registration~$2500.00.

Non-refundable Deposit-$500.00 


Pet price (spay/neuter contract)~

prices start at $2000+ based on color & size

Non-refundable Deposit-$500.00

**Deposit reserves your pick of the litter** 

**In the event we do not have an available gender requested for the litter reserved deposit is refundable or can be transferred to a future litter.** 

Boarding Cost (If puppies remain at our home past 8 weeks)

(We will not hold a puppy past 10 weeks of age)


Box/House Training

In an attempt to help puppies with house-training when heading to their 

homes and giving our puppies a much more cleaner environment we box train all 

our puppies to go potty in wood shavings. We start them at the age of 3-4 

weeks when puppies natural instinct is to go potty away from where they 

sleep, we start them with a large potty area and a small sleeping area, each couple 

days we increase their play area and their potty area remains the same, by the 

time the puppies are 4-5 weeks of age 75% of the time they will go in the wood 

shaving to go potty. Once the puppies are 6 weeks old we allow them to explore 

and have play time throughout the main part of our house for optimal socialization 

and to familiarize them with everyday household noises, at this time our puppies 

know enough to go back in their room and into their box to go potty. When our 

puppies leave to go home we send them home with a small bag of  shavings 

to dump in your yard where you want them to go potty. Make sure to be 

consistent with always taking them to that same spot to go potty, the familiar 

smell will encourage them to use that spot as their "potty box".

Whats Included 

• AKC Limited Registration (Golden Retrievers Only)

• Snuggle Puppy Kit (blanket, toy, snuggle puppy with heartbeat)

•Custom Dumaw Creeks Collar of your choice

•Puppies Vet check & Vaccination/deworming/Vet Records 

•Storage Cube for transportation of items when going home 

• 30 Days Trupanion Health Insurance 

•Microchipped with AKC Reunite with prepaid lifetime enrollment 

• Royal Canin Puppy Kit with food sample & coupons 

 Puppies will be up to date on all age appropriate 

vaccinations (administered by a licensed veterinarian), deworming,

 heartworm Prevention, and vet checked. Puppy kits will 

be sent home with all puppies and will include a 24 month health 

guarantee/contract, Small bag of Royal Canin

puppy food, all vet records, toy & blanket that smells like 

mom and siblings, bag of shavings to help with 

house-training, and 

AKC puppy registration papers (Golden Retrievers Only) 

 Microchipping is 

included along with prepaid lifetime registration through AKC Reunite. 

We also provide a complimentary 30 day commitment free health 

insurance for your puppy through Trupanion medical Insurance.

  I am available to assist with any questions and or concerns 

throughout the dogs life. All parents are 

OFA health tested  for Hips, Elbows, Eyes, & Heart. We also 

DNA test for genetic diseases including GRPRA1 mutation, GRPRA2 

mutation, Ichthyosis mutation Muscular Dystrophy mutation.



We feed our adult Golden Retrievers Royal Canin large breed adult

Golden Retriever Puppies are fed Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy

Adult Bernedoodles-Royal Canin Medium Adult

Bernedoodle Puppies-Royal Canin Medium Puppy 

We bathe our Puppies in a Puppy Safe shampoo


Pet Botanics Treats work well for training!